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Providing actionable advice and software development for blockchain, distributed ledger, crypto currencies and related innovations.will add value to your business now, and in the future.


Medium to large global organisations

Scale-ups  / Start-ups / FinTechs


Blockchain Advisory brings clarity to the often confusing topics of blockchain, Bitcoin, distributed ledger technology (DLT), crypto-currencies and related innovations. Helping clients by providing actionable advice on how these innovations will add value to their business now, and in the future.


What makes us different? There are organisations who offer ICO support and execution, others that focus exclusively on the technology development and those in academia who define and explore the crypto economic models. We bring together expertise in all of these areas to focus on the specific needs of your business, drawing from a broad network to deliver targeted, actionable, practical advice.


Technology is changing at an ever-accelerating rate, and it can be a full time job keeping track of it, and cutting through the hype. Becoming a client allows you to rely on our extensive knowledge and network so that you don't have to.


The ways in which blockchain can improve your business, your supply chain and interaction with business partners are new, and tied closely to the way in which the technology is constructed and operated.  ​



As the internet reduced the distance and friction between business and customer, so blockchain improves the coordination and trust between participants in a value exchange, removing unnecessary intermediaries and replacing them with consensus technology, controlled by a highly redundant, resilient networked global ledger.


Just as the platforms used by Facebook, Uber, AirBNB developed on top of the internet, blockchains enable the creation of new markets where economic benefits are distributed among the stakeholders.


Blockchains enable us to enforce scarcity and facilitate value transfer in areas previously not possible. Cryptoeconomic systems are new ways of incentivising human behaviour which can transform business. 

​Cryptoeconomics describes the combination of cryptography and economic incentives into everything - transactions, computation, storage, prediction, power. Businesses can apply 'Mechanism Design' to leverage these economic incentives to drive value.


The central task in Mechanism Design is to specify a mechanism that incentivises rational agents to behave in a certain way, based upon their private information, that lead to socially desired outcomes.


Many businesses can choose to harness their own token to drive these economic incentives through a subset of cryptoeconomics called tokenomics.

Blockchain based business models are 'artificial' economies, as such they enable more control of the value of the token currency (critical to all participants in the business), as well as creating more trust through transparency. This is made possible by the detailed level of data relating to transactions and automated decision making via Smart-contracts. This dynamic nature also encourages participants to optimise activity to reduce cost to participate.


Blockchain business can apply behavioural economics to incentivise conducive actions from the participants (using mechanism design).


Technology can also balance the artificial economy through inflation / deflation ensuring that tokens don't lose value for those invested, while providing liquidity to support new entrants and stabilising price. Blockchain is unique in being able to bring macro-economic control mechanisms and using micro-economic supply, demand, game theory to enable perfect competition in new markets.


In summary, while blockchains remove the need for centralised co-ordination entities, imaginative businesses can harness their embedded economic incentive features to create value rapidly and at scale. Businesses have raised billions of dollars quickly to power their customer acquisition and growth plans. 



Founded by Stuart Wilson, Blockchain Advisory is a London based service that draws upon a carefully selected network of industry specialists to create a bespoke mix of talent specifically targeted to achieving outstanding results for each client.


Technology Innovator Stuart Wilson has been a leading industry figure since the early 1990s, filing a patent in 2009 for the design of a software testing automation system.


​Previously a Vice-President of Technology at American Express for over 7 years running global software development, and most recently Head of global innovation for the leading Fintech Payments organisation Earthport PLC, one of the first companies to use blockchain and distributed ledger technology (DLT) for cross-border payments.


​Stuart became involved in blockchain in 2014, and worked with San Francisco start- ups on concepts which lead to Comakery.com, a flexible token platform that rewards freelancers for their collaboration on project work. Stuart was also asked to become an advisor to Narwhal.ai (an AI based trend prediction platform), and Qbotica.com (a robotic process automation company).


Stuart is a respected influencer, and worked closely with the UK innovation agency Innovate UK and a range of academic institutions. He has worked with the Digital Catapult London and was a member of the successful Brighton Digital Catapult bid team. He has recently lectured at Warwick Business school on Fintech innovation, and been a supporter of NQIT (quantum computing). Stuart has qualifications in Economics and Mathematical Sciences from the Open University.



Medium to large organisations, operating globallyThese companies are looking for advice and strategy development – and how applying this new technology will provide value and competitive advantage.


Scale-ups - Organisations that have grown rapidly, and are now looking to scale.


Start-ups - Founders who are looking to build business models around blockchain, tokens and are seeking strategic advice on this and ICOs or Token Generation events (see tokenomics and mechanism design).


FinTechs - Organisations in need of strategic advice relevant to global payments and card schemes. Deep expertise is available in Ripple Xcurrent, IBM WorldWire, Stellar and other emerging DLT schemes.



We pride ourselves on offering a flexible cost-effective service that specifically meets your business' needs. Many clients are looking for blockchain consultancy and advice on how to implement blockchain. To achieve this we offer a range of service models.


educational sessions


from initial consultation, pre-sales, strategy definition and support


minimum half day per month


ranging from 1 to 3 months


options available on request

“At Warwick we seek out leading Industrial Practitioners in critical issues of the day, Stuart is a leading expert in FinTech strategy and blockchain and provided clear demonstrable insights and vision in our Master’s Degree Programs in this important vital market and the disruptive technologies underpinning finance innovation and new business models enabling the new digital economy.  Stuart’s considerable deep industry experience from being a long serving practitioner in both sides of the user and entrepreneurship markets enabled students to gain real world practice behind the noise and activity to gain practical leadership guidance in fintech and blockchain strategy into actionable results.”


—  Mark Skilton, Professor of Practice, Warwick Business School



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